7 Reasons You Should Have Office Meetings

Do you have regular weekly staff meetings?

If not, you should!  Here are seven reasons why Staff Meetings are important.


Reason #1: Communicate with Your Staff

Staff meetings are the best way to communicate with your practice’s most important asset – staff!. We are a service industry, and your staff defines the culture of your office. The biggest factor in successful offices is a well-trained and courteous staff. Regular meetings are the best way to share information to the entire group.

Reason #2: Share Practice Goals

Staff meetings provide an opportunity to share practice goals. Does your office have goals? If not, how do you know if you are successful? More importantly, how does your staff know if the practice is successful? Office meetings are all about setting goals, and measuring them at each and every meeting.

Reason #3: Make Staff Feel Important

Good staff meetings make everyone feel important. Well run meetings mean everyone should have the chance to participate. As a moderator of the meeting, make it a habit to solicit something from every single staff member. Another idea is to have the staff members rotate responsibility of running the meeting and setting the agenda.

Reason #4: Hold Staff Accountable

Meetings are a way to hold staff members accountable. Meetings without goals are useless. And goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Timely. Give one or two staff members responsibility for measuring, and report their findings at the meetings. Nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of their colleagues if they haven’t kept up and cannot provide the information they were supposed to track.

Reason #5: Hear from Experts

Meetings are an opportunity to hear from outside experts. Keep your meetings from getting stale by bringing in outside guests. Sales representatives from your optical vendors are always happy to share knowledge about their products, as well as customer service tips.

And don’t forget people outside your industry. Why not invite your health insurance broker, or the person who manages your company’s retirement plan? Give your staff a chance to learn more about the benefits you offer them! Have you recently been impressed with customer service from a local company? Bring the owner or manager in and let them share how they do it to your staff.

Reason #6: Address Common Problems

Staff meetings are a great way to address common problems. Do you ever feel like the same issues frustrate you and your staff day in and day out? How about those patients that run out of contact lenses and want more trials – again and again! Don’t let office meetings become gripe sessions. Instead, use your meetings to discuss common problems head on and come up with a way to address them consistently in the future.

Reason #7: Fellowship and Fun

Staff meetings offer fellowship and fun. Make sure to have fun! Staff meetings are an opportunity to enjoy some camaraderie. Have lots of laughs, mix things up. Hold meetings outside the office occasionally, and have some meetings that are purely social affairs. Bonding with fellow workers is a key ingredient to a successful team.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on ways to make your office meetings more successful and fun!  Schedule a call to talk about it.

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