Creating Your Brand Fans

Creating Super Fans

Customer Loyalty or Why I Love Apple

A few weeks ago, my 4 year old  MacBook Pro froze up.   When I clicked restart, I got the screen known as The Gray Screen of Stomach Pain Inducement.

I’m not a computer techie, especially about hardware.  I knew, though, that this was definitely not a good thing.  I did what any other red-blooded American would do – I turned the power off completely and restarted – about 4 times – all with the same result.  I’m not a religious man, but then I prayed.  Alas, my prayers were not answered and no matter how many times I turned on my computer I never found the familiar and comfortable home screen I was looking for.

My Computer Runs My Business

My business life is stored on that Apple computer.  I have multiple business  projects stored in that little gray box.  I couldn’t afford to lose my data, and I needed it back as soon as possible.  My mind immediately wondered: “when was the last time I backed up?”.  I use Apple’s Time Machine backup system at home, which works great (as long as I remember to connect it to my computer).  But I travel a lot…when was the last time I backed up at home?

How I Got It Running and Saved My Business

This started on a Thursday afternoon.  My computer was up and running by Monday.  (It could have even been sooner but I had a family event over the weekend.)

Here’s a timeline:
1.    Thursday afternoon I went online (on another computer) to Apple Tech Support.  I was connected via Live Chat with a knowledgeable and friendly tech support person within 1 minute.
2.    He spent an hour with me and clearly walked me through step by step a system to try to get me up and running.  He knew the product cold, and walked me through a lot of steps to try to help.  Bottom line – it was something I couldn’t fix over the phone.
3.    Saturday morning I made an appointment for the Genius Bar at the Apple Store.  I scheduled an appointment for noon on Sunday.  (Yes they were available on Sunday).
4.    Sunday: Showed up at noon at the Apple Store and was promptly greeted by an employee and sat at the Genius Bar within two minutes.
5.    The tech support guy was friendly and reviewed my situation, and started diagnostic testing, clearly explaining everything as he went.  His explanation: “Think of your computer as a book.  Some files got mixed up and when you boot up it can’t find the table of contents.  All the files are there, your computer just can’t find them.”
6.    After making sure I had a Time Machine Backup (I did), he wiped the hard drive clean and reinstalled the latest operating software.  His instructions: “Go home, plug your Time Machine into your computer, and boot up.  When prompted, choose “restore from Time Machine”.  This whole thing was accomplished in fifteen minutes.
7.    Sunday afternoon: Booted up my computer and saw the exact message he said would appear.  My data and programs were restored EXACTLY as I had left them.

Fast Fix at No Cost

My cost for this entire process was zero.  The tech support, both phone and live, was free.  The warranty had run out years ago on the computer.  The service was friendly, efficient, and convenient.  It is experiences like this that have made me a “Super-Fan”.

Do You Create Super Fans?

  • Does your practice offer the kind of service that creates Super Fans?
  • Is your staff proficient, knowledgeable, and friendly?
  • Are your hours convenient to your patients?
  • Do your patients feel like they’re getting a good value?

If so, congratulations!  You’re building patient loyalty, and creating your own Super Fans!

If you want to discuss how to build your Super Fans, please schedule a call.

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