Renovate Your Website

By: Daniel Feldman

My daughter likes to watch a show on HGTV called Property Brothers where identical twins Jonathan and Drew Scott help families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes. If you haven’t seen the show yet, it is a great lesson that renovation can work wonders. The show often demonstrates how $10,000 or $20,000 in improvements can raise the value of a home by $40,000-$60,000.

Constant Improvement

The Japanese call it Kaizen, or constant improvement. As the old Zen saying goes, “the only way to coast, is downhill.  This may sound somewhat counter-intuitive, but there is real power in renovating a business, especially if you are considering selling your practice. Renovations almost always increases sales. The business looks fresh and there is new excitement about the practice that motivates your staff, patients and customers alike. The general rule of thumb is a 2.5 growth. For $100,000 spent on renovations, most businesses generate $250,000 in sales.

In addition to new carpeting, furniture, and paint, every business should be looking at renovating their website. If your website is pretty much the site you had when George Bush was President, you have fallen far behind your competition and you are not only hurting your current sales prospects, but the price you might expect when selling your practice too.

Getting Found Means More Patients

88% of adults will research your business online before ever choosing to walk through your doors. Your website is often the first and only impression prospective patients and customers get about your business. The same can be said of prospective buyers too. If your website gives the impression your practice is old and stale, how can you expect to convince the buyer they should pay top dollar for it? In fact, if your website is a lot older than the oldest frame on your frame boards, potential buyers are probably passing on even looking at your practice, before you ever get the chance to show them how great an opportunity they might be missing.

60% of Searches are Mobile

Before I sound like I am chastising you for being old and out of it, let me spell out that even if you were just a few years out of optometry school, you would be facing many of the same challenges with your website as someone who built their site five or more years ago. A scant 5 years ago, mobile web surfing represented less than 4% of all internet traffic. Last year mobile constituted 60% of all internet traffic. No matter how much you did or did not spend on your website then, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are losing patients and customers to sites that are. When was the last time you looked at your practice website on your smartphone?

A mobile friendly website is one that recognizes the screen size it is being viewed with and rearranges to best fit that screen, automatically. More than that, today’s websites are built with more and bigger images to keep the attention of those who click in and more often than are built to tell a story, your story, setting a mood that should complement the ambience, atmosphere and sense of style of your practice.  A website should be updated every few years and updating yours before you sell, will position your practice as a serious contender to prospective buyers every time.

Just like physically renovating your practice before selling will significantly raise the price you get for your practice, so too will investing a few thousand dollars into making your website the top of your town.


Daniel Feldman, is CEO of dba designs & communication, a web design, marketing, and social media firm specializing in helping eye care practices succeed. Learn more at

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