Bald Is Beautiful

Bald is Beautiful

So my partner John McDaniel made some remarks a few weeks ago in his Video Blog about my follicly challenged head. Frankly, it was quite hurtful. I thought I knew the guy better than that.

But that’s fine. It’s all good. I’ve heard em all: chrome dome, baldy, milk dud, cue ball, turtle waxer. If he thinks it’s hair that makes a man, he is mistaken. But rather than lament and cover this beautiful God-given dome, let’s look at some of the great hairless men in history.  

Athletes? Look at Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. They didn’t want no stinkin hair to slow them down. Think wind-resistance man!  How about some of the greatest entertainers in the world? Yul Brynner, Kojak, Jean Luc Picard – the list goes on and on. You think it’s a coincidence that they also lack hair?

And how about OD’s? Of course there are some exceptions to the rule (OK I’ll admit I’d love Gary Gerber’s hair), but let’s look at some of the industry giants! Scott Jens and John Warren, founders of Revolution software. The inimitable Jay Binkowitz. And who could forget, yes, OD rock star Alan Glazier.

So McD, laugh all you want. I am in the company of greatness. I revel in my baldness, and am proud of the head that God has given me. And who knows, you’re still young. Someday maybe you can join us.

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