Are CL Checks Really Necessary???

Are They Really Necessary?

OK, so this article may be the one that gets me banned from the AOA, and all the optometry school professors may blackball me, but I’m going talk honestly about contact lens checks. Are they really necessary? I say no. I think they’re a waste of time of both the patient and the doctor.

The Patient Will Let You Know

The OD typically will schedule the patient for a one or two week follow up after fitting a new lens “to see how it looks on the eye”. Let’s be honest –  if the patient is happy with the comfort and vision of their soft lenses is there anything that you are going to see that will make you change it? I’m not saying that there are never problems with contacts. But I think they’re at a point where you can assume they will work. And if they don’t the patient will let you know – and come back for a follow up visit. But I don’t think the visit should be mandated.

A Better Alternative Would Be

The vast majority of patients are going to be fine with their contacts. Why make the patient drive 20 minutes to your office and spend another 20 minutes there for you to take a 10 second look at the slit lamp and tell them they are doing fine. Taking the drive back from your office into consideration, they’ve just spent an hour of their time unnecessarily. A better alternative would be a phone call or text from your office after a week or two to make sure they love their lenses and to let them know you care.

If You Had 4 CL Check Slots Per Day

Your office used up a 15 minute exam slot that resulted in zero revenue. If you had 4 CL Check slots per day that’s one hour of scheduling. That’s 5 hours per week, 20 hours per month, 240 hours annually. That’s equal to 120 30 minute routine exams. At an average revenue per patient of $300 that’s revenue of $42,000. Just sayin. 

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