At McDaniel & Scibal Consulting, our team has a wider range of experience than our competitors. Before narrowing our business to the health care industry, we helped some of America’s top corporations with human resource management issues, marketing, business strategy development, contract negotiations, and more.

Our services are comprehensive and flexible. Each client receives an individualized approach, not one based on a single previous successful practice, one-size-fits-all templates, or rigid large-business models.

If you want to achieve maximum results, you need to hire consultants that use an individualized plan based in sound business science. This is the basis for McDaniel & Scibal Consulting. We have no templates, and we have the most comprehensive business background available in health care consulting.

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We are your one-stop resource for the tools and guidance you need to effectively purchase, sell or run your practice from pre-sale advice to exit strategies to management consulting services.

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The negotiation and agreement process requires experience to ensure that all of the hurdles are cleared successfully. As highly qualified consultants, we guide you through this process.

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We are qualified to act as your personal business partner as you evaluate buying an optometry practice or joining an existing practice. If you wonder about buying a practice, contact us.

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McDaniel & Scibal Consulting have helped dozens of sellers and buyers of practices through the murky and foreign process of selling/acquiring a professional health care practice.

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Based on our optometry industry knowledge so you get the best valuation and advice, we provide appraisals for established optometrists interested in improving or selling their practice.

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Utilize our consulting where you need us most: profitability enhancement, staff management, customer service surveys, electronic medical records and technology, and optical dispensary.

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McDaniel and Scibal Consulting help you create product and service, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategies that yield maximum return. Together, we help you achieve your goals.

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