SellingSelling a Practice

McDaniel & Scibal Consulting is an expert in the field of buy-sell transactions and offers a full range of brokerage services for sellers. The sale/purchase of an existing health care practice is a complicated and important process. Each transaction is unique and requires an individualized approach, rendering boiler-plate approaches inadequate. The practice transfer process is wrought with confusion, a general lack of understanding, and unfortunately, failure when attempted without experienced advisors. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting have helped dozens of sellers and buyers of practices through the murky and foreign process of selling/acquiring a professional health care practice.

Questions to Consider When Selling a Practice

  • When is the right time to sell?
  • How much is my practice truly worth?
  • How do I make it attractive to buyers?
  • How do I get paid?
  • Should I self-finance?
  • How long am I willing to help the buyer with a transition?

One of the critical success factors in selling a practice is the appraisal. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting provides you with a licensed certified appraiser that is your one-stop resource for the tools and guidance you need to effectively purchase, sell or run your practice. We provide tools such as pre-sale advice, exit strategies, and management consulting services.

An Appraisal Report Tailored to Your Practice

McDaniel & Scibal Consulting provides you with a business appraisal tailored strictly for optometrists, focusing on appraisals for sales, purchases, partnerships and mergers. Our primary goal is to provide you, our client, with a professionally prepared report with all the details needed by professional advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, bankers, and consultants, to help negotiate the transition or transaction.

This kind of attention to detail, in documenting the analysis and calculations, means that you will have an easier time negotiating an asking price or offer price. Typically, the lack of these details creates situations where the parties do not fully understand how the value was determined therefore throwing doubt as to the accuracy of the appraisal, sometimes resulting in the deal falling through.

McDaniel & Scibal Consulting specializes in appraisals for buy-sell transactions and offers both a full appraisal and a calculation report.

  • Full Appraisal: a 60- to 85-page report that does a thorough analysis of the practice financials. It compares key productivity indicators and trends as well as demographic studies in determining the value of the business. The primary methodologies used are the market approach (direct market data method) and income approach (capitalization of earnings method).
  • Calculation Report: The debt justification method, an income approach, is used to compute the value of a business. Estimated cash flows are used to determine the amount of debt the practice’s net income and cash flows can support.

It’s important to note that calculation reports are more simplistic than appraisals and don’t identify how the differences in operating characteristics or assets from one company to another affect the valuation. The biggest difference between the reports is that a calculation report basically checks to make sure cash flow will support the price.

On the other hand, an appraisal evaluates how well the practice has done in the past and then determines the level of risk involved in buying the practice. In general, calculation reports are good indicators of the value of practices that gross less than $450,000.

Optometrist and Certified Business Appraiser

Dr. John Scibal is fully certified by the Institute of Business Appraisers (CBA) and is also an experienced optometrist. That means he knows your business inside and out and gives you an appraisal that is not only accurate and timely, but one that has considered all the nuances of the business as only an experienced optometrist can.

Purchasing a Practice

McDaniel & Scibal Consulting also represents those that wish to purchase a practice. Our process takes a buyer from that point of the realization that they want to pursue practice ownership, all the way through the closing process of the deal and achieving that dream. We help buyers search for practices that are available as well as evaluate each option to find the best fit and best deal for you and your investment. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting has negotiated well over 100 deals of all shapes and sizes, including negotiating a deal with Major League Baseball. We put the latest science and special art of negotiation to work for buyers.

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