ConsultingOur Consulting Services

  • Profitability Enhancement
  • Work smarter, not harder!
  • Thorough analysis of your financial statement
  • Analyze key productivity indices
  • Benchmark to determine areas needing improvement
  • Create action plan, including a budget to allow you to reach your financial goals

Human Resources and Staff Management

  • Manage staff, don’t let them manage you!
    Implementing a personnel policy manual and customized job descriptions
  • Manage spiraling payroll costs yet reward high achievers through performance-based employee review system
  • Motivate through team-based and individual goal-setting
  • We take a systems-based approach to human resource management, which allows us to diagnose and solve your human resources problems

Electronic Medical Records and Technology

  • Customized solutions for your office
    Independent and objective assistance in choosing the right software
  • Increase efficiency through the Internet and other technology such as automated refracting systems

Optical Dispensary

  • Professional management of this vital RETAIL center
  • Dramatically increase the passive income that can be derived (that means someone else does the work!)
  • Frame inventory management
  • Upgrade/Redesign without breaking the bank!

Employment Agreement Reviews and Negotiations

The process of creating employment/independent contractor relationships is complicated. On the one hand, everyone involved has to look out for their best interests and this creates an adversarial aspect to the process. On the other hand, a partnership of sorts is being formed and needs to be crafted in a manner that makes the most out of the potential synergism.

The negotiation and agreement process requires experience to ensure that all of these hurdles are cleared successfully. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting manages the intricacies of this process with you.

Rely on McDaniel & Scibal Consulting.