Do Your Run Your Practice? Or Does Your Practice Run You?

Ask yourself this simple question – are YOU running your practice, or is the practice running you? Don’t answer that too quickly. Give it some thought and know that it’s common for every practice to experience the need for outside help as it evolves.

Do Any of the Following Questions Apply to Your Practice?

  • You have been successful in building a practice and now find you’re losing control?
  • You’re working 60 hours a week and still having trouble paying the bills?
  • You are experiencing increased tension and deterioration of staff morale?
  • You want to implement customer surveys but are afraid of what you’ll find out?
  • You want to hire an associate but aren’t sure if you can afford one?
  • Your practice is suffering due to the onslaught of managed care plans?
  • You’re too busy seeing patients to effectively run your business?

Put the Fun Back in Optometry

If you answered yes, or even hesitated while answering one of the above questions, then you need our help! McDaniel & Scibal Consulting offer a wide variety of services, from profitability enhancement to staff management, optical dispensary and everything in between. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. It’s as simple as that.

Rely on McDaniel & Scibal Consulting.