MarketingMarketing matters, and it matters a lot. Need more patients in the practice? Want to attract more private pay patients? Are you looking for ways to increase revenue per patient? The answer to these and dozens of other vital questions is marketing.

McDaniel & Scibal Consulting is the expert in optometry practice marketing. Our consultants have had successful marketing consultations with more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, several mid-sized regional enterprises, and more than 100 health care practices. We get the job done for our clients.

A Strategic Approach

A comprehensive strategic approach to marketing is essential if you want all the elements of marketing to work for you. Often, people think marketing is advertising. Advertising is but one component of the marketing process. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting uses a systematic approach that encompasses all facets of marketing including:

  • Product and service offerings and mix
  • Selection of the best location for opening or relocating a business
  • Successfully differentiating you from your competitors
  • Market segmentation and target market selection
  • Branding your business
  • Setting prices

All marketing consults begin with the collection and analysis of market research data. From the data, McDaniel & Scibal Consulting can advise you on where to locate your practice, what your local market looks like, who you should target specifically, and more. This data also allows us to provide an initial assessment of your competitors.

Branding is a critical success factor in business, and we give it the respect it deserves. Working with our clients’ desires for their practice, we develop the all-important branding keys that form the core of every marketing activity. After defining in detail the branding themes, we develop all the messaging required to communicate those things that differentiate you from your competitors. Messaging can make or break your return on investment in a marketing plan. We craft specific messaging for a variety of media, including:

  • Various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and others
  • Direct-to-consumer media
  • Internal market opportunities
  • And more …

With your messaging in place, we begin the process of putting the five facets of marketing into play: pricing, promotion, product/service mix, distribution, and the human elements of sales and service. Decades of research have shown that there are right ways to price your products and services. Wouldn’t you like to know that your pricing structure is such that you realize the maximum revenue from sales? It can be done, and McDaniel & Scibal Consulting can do it for you.

We also work with you to develop a marketing budget and put internal systems in place to increase your return on investment. We advise you on what products and services you may offer and how you might be able to deliver value to your patients in less conventional ways. Promotional planning allows us to help you select those media and methods that have the highest success rates. An assessment of staff training needs will help make sure the human component of marketing can execute the marketing plan effectively.

After all these decisions, it is time to pick which specific marketing tactics will deliver the best results for your business. Tactics can be anything used to implement the marketing plan, such as website content, use of social media platforms, price discounting (sales), direct mail, advertisements, etc. Once the tactics are selected, a rigorous process that tracks and measures results is developed and implemented. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting will formulate a schedule for planned evaluation of all the tactics and teach you how to analyze the data and make smart decisions based on it.

Perhaps best of all, we can automate some of the tactics for you. This leaves the practice owner/manager free to deal with other operational activities. We can develop specific marketing pieces with you, produce them, and even deliver them to your prospective patients. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting makes the execution of some aspects of your marketing plan as simple and easy as is possible. For simple, easy, and effective marketing, contact us today to set up a free phone consultation and ask us how we can help you grow and improve your practice.

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