As a recent graduate, I needed assistance while reviewing potential employer contracts. Dr. McDaniel provided a detailed breakdown of the contracts so I could better understand the intended meaning of the articles and ultimately protect myself from signing unfair contracts. He also negotiated the details with the potential employers so that both parties were satisfied with the final version of the contract. The group returned my phone calls promptly and made a very stressful part of the employment process much easier to work through. I highly recommend Dr. McDaniel and will not hesitate to contact the group when I am ready to negotiate for partnership.

Jamie Casper, OD
Wilmington, North Carolina

John Scibal has appraised our practice twice. Both times the appraisal was very comprehensive and professional and our practice was pleased with the quality of the final documents. The appraisals have allowed us to bring in new partners at a fair value without having to guess at what the practice is worth which is reassuring to parties on both sides. As some of our doctors retire and new doctors join our practice we will continue to use the expertise of John Scibal to enhance the financial transactions.

Joanne Hendrick, OD
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Experience is the difference. There is no replacement for the knowledge they have built by working with such a wide range of companies. Their team of experts makes difficult decisions easy. Gone is the fear of making a monumental mistake that will hurt my business because they have guided countless other businesses in similar situations. Additionally, as a health care provider, I feel I can trust them because they have consultants who are health care providers themselves.

Jonathan Murphy, OD
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The practice I purchased was a unique specialty practice in low vision. John Scibel didn’t take a cookie-cutter approach. He provided a thorough analysis and his unbiased appraisal served as a good foundation for both parties to begin negotiations. I would highly recommend John Scibal.

Dr. Jamie Ho, Politzer and Ho Vision Group
Brentwood, Tennessee

McDaniel and his team take a business-first approach to optometric practice consulting which means that they are able to take out the emotion in analysis and decision making. They have experience in both the “real business” world and as a practicing optometrist which allows them to understand both the business metrics and the professional care side of decisions and processes for operating and marketing an optometric practice. No more of “same old same old” when you are working with them.

John Warren, OD
Racine, Wisconsin

I found John Scibal’s appraisal of my large, two-location practice, to be very comprehensive and accurate. John was in constant communication with my office manager throughout the process, and provided exactly what I needed in a timely manner. I strongly recommend John Scibal if you are buying or selling a practice.

Joe Manning, OD
Knoxville, Tennessee

John McDaniel provided a very detailed, thorough design for purchasing my practice. I felt comfortable the entire way that I was making the right decision. John was great at explaining things in an easy to understand way, and ultimately, he helped me understand every detail along the way.

Dave Anderson, OD
Miami, Ohio

Very recently, I had Dr. Scibal do a complete appraisal of my multi-doctor optometric practice in Virginia. I was extremely pleased with time and effort Dr. Scibal spent in talking with me about the practice, collecting information, and as well as getting to know me personally. His appraisal was extremely comprehensive and fair. I would highly recommend his company to any optometrist for an appraisal or consulting, and I will most certainly use his services in the future.

Dr. Sam Weir
Warrenton, Virginia

I hired Dr. McDaniel to analyze the financial history of a private optometric practice that I was considering purchasing in 2005. John was a tremendous asset to have as a personal adviser in making sense of all the numbers – he is very knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with – thanks to John I was able to clearly see that I was looking at a tremendous opportunity; and the reassurance to move forward, with confidence, with the acquisition. I highly recommend John and his team.

Eric Neader, OD
Lewis Center, Ohio

I owned a share of a large multi-doctor practice and needed to sell my shares. John Scibal provided a second opinion appraisal that was far more thorough and professional than the original – and ultimately helped me seal the deal!

Joseph Colella, OD
Bozeman, Montana

This is the story of our practice sale, in which McDaniel figures prominently. McD is not a broker, but more of a practice sales consultant. We paid him a flat fee, and when all was said and done, I bet he made about $2 per hour on the deal, because he gave us, and our buyer, a tremendous amount of his time and knowledge. Since neither we nor the buyer had ever bought/sold a practice before, McD had to do a ton of hand holding. In the end, both buyer and sellers are happy. We feel comfortable that our practice is in good hands, and today our buyer starts her first day of being a practice owner while we start our first day of retirement. McD had told us that the practice would take about a year to sell, but with his efforts, we had 19 interested docs and 3 offers within 6 weeks. We ended up getting 95% of the asking price and the whole process took just over 5 months. Thanks, John, for all your hard work and expertise. We owe you a debt of gratitude for making this whole process successful and painless.

Brad & Suzan, OD
Duval, Washington

Dr. Scibal has been an immense help in my practice appraisal for a partnership offer. His attention to detail and business acumen are top notch. I would advise anyone to seek Dr. Scibal’s expertise for practice appraisal and partnership expertise!

Dr. Ed Mills
Mooresville, North Carolina

We are bringing my son into our practice as a partner and needed a fair value for the transaction. McDaniel & Scibal Consulting provided just what we needed in a timely and professional manner! I recommend them highly if you are taking on a partner.

Scott Kowallis, OD
Roosevelt, Utah